Wednesday, August 24, 2011

White Stripes

Quick refresher: the titles of each post are bands who have some connection with what is in the body of the post. Could be a lyric, could be an album title, date of an overdose...something.

This week all kids started some form of school. The difference is, instead of two forms of school, there are now three--middle, elementary and pre.

Yes, that means I have to remember three different times and places. Connor the sixth grader is fine for me: he can get on and get off his bus without anyone meeting him. Not kindergartner Maggie though. Someone has to walk her to the bus stop and stay with her, and if it's me because Carrie's working, the 4-year-old twins have to come with.

That didn't work out great today. Gavin wanted to bring books and go back home, and Darcy wanted to sit on me and Carrie. Both had to be reminded multiple times that sidewalks were for people and streets for vehicles. They didn't get that sending a child to kindergarten for the first time was a big deal, so let's not make it about them!

Then Maggie's bus didn't come, so we piled everyone in the van and drove her. First week of school, I understand the rough start; Connor's bus came so early he missed it, and thankfully his neighborhood friend's mom drove them. At noon, I had to haul the twins out to pick up Maggie from the bus. This will be a treat once the weather turns nasty.

The twins are backwith the Warenville Park District's preschool program, where they were with Maggie all last year. Familiar teachers, but unfamiliar other parents. Had a good group last year, with one dad who is a real sweetheart of a guy who has twin boys and loves his football. They moved to Yorkville this summer and we hope to go to their housewarming party soon.

But now I have to get used to new other-kids' parents. It's only a problem because for the most part I don't like people, so it's either fun times talking with folks I like while the kids play at the preschool playground before and after school or me being anti-social because I don't like to gush about how crazy parenting is or the latest cute thing they did (that's what Facebook is for, no?) or making small talk just to have something to say or laughing at lame jokes.

Other than that, I'm a real peach.

Bottom line: I've just about had enough of these critters and adjusting my life and work around them. Next year at this time, I will have half of each day to myself, as the twins start kindergarten.

Then I can really waste some me time.

Bye for now, and thanks for reading

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  1. Oh no Joe. you were only kidding on the "Bottom Line' right? glad you're back doing what you're good at, bar none. love Mum Thanks for listening.