Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Go-Gos

So, back after another one of my hiati (plural for hiatus?). Good thing I don't get paid for these, or I'd be unemployed! Um, wait...

Anyway, let's catch up:

*Gavin is just about potty trained (he and Darcy wear pull-ups at night; occasional accidents during day)--haven't changed a poopy anything for more than a month at least. I am not sentimental for that shit, so to speak.

*The twins had their first dentist visit, and it couldn't have gone better. Using a new place, which said it wanted kids to start at 4 y.o., because they want them to go to THE CHAIR w/o a parent.

(A digression: when I was 7 or 11, can't remember which trip, I had to go to a dentist in El Salvador for a very painful molar. I don't recall all the details, but I do remember the novocaine situation was me squeezing a kleenex. Been dentist-shy ever since, as in, haven't been for close to 10 years and will only go for severe pain or nasty breath. This will not affect my children's regular visits.)

Well, I didn't feel like calling another place so I said, let's try it with the 3 y.o. pair. Maggie had an appointment same day, and in a flash of genius, I sent her first. She had gone by herself at the former dentist, when she was 3, so I figured IF she came back, the twinnies would see it was no biggie. She came back with a smile and a goodie bag, and the twins fought to be next. Yee-haw!

Quick hits:

*The Fancy Nancy Fathead sticker on the girls' wall has finally peeled off, and won't stay. I know it's a climate thing, but can't figure out if it got drier or more humid. A shame.

*Darcy is the accident-prone one we've decided. She's taken the most spectacular falls; yesterday, ass over tip off our bed, clipping her ear on some furniture (no blood; could've been so much worse) and today, ass over teakettle (my next band) off a chest onto the hardwood floor. Wow, you could've fed the family off the egg on her forehead.

*Connor's getting to the end of fourth grade, holding steady with mostly Bs and Cs. Stayed up on his bike for 15 seconds, but has no wish to do it again. Hey, Einstein never learned to ride a bike (no idea if that's true). He's into the scooter we have, and still likes to play catch with the football, play PS3 and sneak food into his room.

I'll try to be better, for those who enjoy these, but still job searching, freelance writing, taking two classes in pursuit of ESL certificate, wifing, touching myself, and wasting time on FB and my favorite sports blog (The Big Lead)--all but the last two have to be done after bedtimes. Plus, still trying to get my freelance website up and running. Oh, and always always trying to find time to reflect and marvel at the wonder and joy life brings.

Which one don't you believe?

I'm not perfect, which may come as a surprise to you.


  1. So basically there's nothing to complain about eh? A normal family experiencing all the trials and tribulations of life, memories and expectations. I notice you have used two of Gran's sayings in your present blog. That's nice. I believe that Maggie has a talent in art. Glad the potty training is improving. Fingers crossed for a job. Lots of love, back into the garden. And....who's perfect, No One! Mum

  2. Bad Breath?....Its called Dental Floss...use it, like it, love it. It works.

    whiter, the half niter....too damn old & too many responsibilities to me an all niter anymore

  3. Okay so I am old, fat, dumb and stupid but I thought you were going to be gainfully employed with a baseball writing gig. Maybe its the meds. Have you ever thought about a novel rather than a blog or a freeleance website? You can do it (about sports) if you put your mind to it.